Who Created Works of Art Made From Junk?

You’ve probably seen videos and images of people creating art from junk, but do you know who created the pieces? Some of these artists are Vik Muniz, Yuken Teruya, Leo Sewell, and Derek Gores

Read on to find out more about these artists and their amazing creations. You’ll be inspired by their efforts.

Vik Muniz

Artist Vik Muniz is an innovator in the art world, fusing unconventional materials with a focus on visual storytelling. His unique approach is an intriguing blend of fine art and pop culture, drawing on a wide range of media, including chocolate, food materials, and urban waste to create stunning and unusual works of art. His latest work, “Pictures of Junk,” combines photographs with sculptures made entirely of junk.

Yuken Teruya

A devoted humanitarian and accomplished actress, Yuken Teruya creates works from junk, transforming the everyday into magical forests. He creates pieces of junk art by upcycling paper, metal and plastic and transforming them into stunningly realistic works of art. Her exhibitions include a video installation series entitled All Time Favourite Story and pieces known as Majorly featuring Bingata.

tree made of a paper bag

Leo Sewell

If you have ever been curious about how some artists make their artworks, you have probably noticed the art of Leo Sewell. The Philadelphia artist makes sculptures from junk and has an international following. In fact, his junk sculptures have even won the admiration of Sylvester Stallone and Demi Moore. If you are curious about his style, here are a few facts about him that will help you decide if junk sculpture is for you.

Derek Gores

Collage artist Derek Gores is making waves in Brevard County and all over the country with his recycled collages. He takes scraps from magazines, newspapers, maps, and other materials and creates surreal images from them. The resulting collages are full of colors and reoccurring images, including portraits of women, everyday scenes, and more. Regardless of how you feel about recycling, these collages are stunning and worth admiring.

Derek Gores king david recreated with trash

TC TrashArt

TrashArt, or works of art created from junk, has been around for a while. In this art form, artists create larger-than-life sculptures from discarded plastic and junk. Some of the artists’ pieces contain bits of up to three thousand toys. In addition, they often use discarded materials to create unique works of art. To give you an idea of what some of these artists’ sculptures look like, here are some examples.

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