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Building Your First Website With Unlimited WordPress Hosting

unlimited wordpress hosting

What used to simply be somebody’s hobby has now turned into a money making career . Blogging – when an individual writes about their thoughts and feelings, favourite music, fashion & beauty or just write about whatever they are interested in. Consumers like to feel connected to something and take interest in other people lives and therefore are turning to bloggers for advice on what to buy. This had given bloggers the chance to earn money with big brands paying them for sponsored posts.
Bloggers have a duty to provide engaging content for a brand if they are getting paid for it – so bloggers have to ensure their website is creatively built.

Here is how to build your website creatively and with the help of unlimited wordpress hosting.

unlimited wordpress hosting

What Is Unlimited WordPress Hosting

Unlimited WordPress hosting is a service on wordpress that allows bloggers, marketers and company owners to publish pages on their website onto Google. A web hosting service provides you will the relevant technologies that support the website to ensure the content is indexed and readable.

unlimited wordpress hosting

Build Your Brand

Branding is one of the most important factors when building your business as it is what makes you recognisable to your audience and consumers. Whether your brand is a logo, colour, tone of voice or all three you can engage your audience online via your website with these.

unlimited wordpress hosting


Search engine optimisation is a fundamental factor and have recently been prioritised by many brands. With Google’s algorithms it’s important to be at the top of Google’s searches so that your website is more visible and stands out in front of your competitors. Using imagery, alt text, keywords, headings and links is essential to get great SEO and reach top rankings. Having a quick web speed and easily accessible navigational features also helps people stay on your website for longer which will also help your rankings.

unlimited wordpress hosting

Brand Sponsorship

In 2019 the Advertising Standards Agency introduced new rules in relation to brand sponsorship and gifts. If a brand sends a product to a blogger or influencer to showcase on their website or social media the influencer must obide by guidelines and use the hashtag ‘gifted’ to ensure they are not misleading consumers or mis-selling products.