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Property Care & Transforming Historic Buildings

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Glasgow is a city built on culture. In recent years, the city has celebrated its foundations and has even started the “Historic Glasgow” campaign – which is a celebration of Glasgow’s rich local history and heritage. Do you have your sights set on a Glasgow building that requires property repair? Here is our 2017 historic buildings guide.


Historic Buildings


Did you know that Glasgow is one of the UK’s most important historic cities as it has a number of listed buildings that have been created by architects from across the world? Glasgow is a city which is extremely proud of its town centre as it is packed with exceptional buildings, many of which are listed and protected.

Across the city, you will find buildings that are a part of the city’s historical legacy. From museums and art galleries to libraries and archives, Glasgow is a hub of historic buildings, parks and gardens. The People Make Glasgow website describes the city as “vibrant and cosmopolitan place with a wealth of cultural heritage to explore. Continue reading »