Your Art Gallery: Temporary Exhibition Structures & Temporary Exhibition Staff

A member of the temporary exhibition staff wandering among temporary exhibition structures.

If you have been working on your art for a long time, it is a great feeling to finally exhibit them. Bringing art collectors or art lovers to a gallery to view and possibly buy your art can be a turning point in your career. The best way to show your works of art is to organise a gallery exhibition. In doing this you can ensure that the right people in the world get to see your skill and art. If you re intending to plan your own exhibition then we have some advice for you. Our main points surround the issues of ensuring you have the right temporary exhibition staff and that you have considered how your temporary exhibition structures will work. There are many more factors that will affect how successful you exhibition turns out to be.

Read on and find out our key advice on how to run a successful exhibition.

Hiring Temporary Exhibition Staff

At the exhibition itself, you may want to hire some temporary exhibition staff. Trying to run the entire event by yourself could be too much work. You can hire temporary exhibition staff from companies like Ten Ten Events. These staff can carry out a whole number of jobs. This can be to serve drinks to your guests, or it can be to help erect the art installations before the exhibition. Having this group of temporary exhibition staff will help the event to run far more smoothly.

Drinks ready to be served at the gallery by temporary exhibitions staff.

Making Sure the Pricing is Right

As you are going to be selling your art, it’s essential that you are careful about how you price your work. If you are to be taken seriously, what we suggest you do is think of minimum prices for each piece of work. Let the guests make offers on each exhibit, and accept those which you find acceptable at the close of the event. This will ensure you get the best price for your work and seem professional while doing so.

Investing In Temporary Exhibition Structures

If you are planning your exhibition in a renowned gallery then you are all set. However, if you would like to hold a unique exhibition that individuals will remember, then we suggest looking into temporary exhibition structures. These structures can give your exhibition a really competitive and memorable edge. The temporary exhibitions structures you use can be modern, or can be tensile or can be a completely unique design. It may even be a great idea to make the temporary exhibition structures some of your own designs, meaning individuals are completely surrounded by your work.  There are many companies who can create this type of building or structure for you, but we recommend working with VBS Structures. They are used to working with high-end and professional organisations, so would be the perfect choice for your major exhibition.

An example of the tensile installation you could have as your temporary exhibition structures