Family Art Activity Ideas

Having family art activities is a great way to make memories, build connections and foster creativity. It can also help kids develop artistic skills. These family art activities are also a good way for adults to get to know their kids and spend quality time with them.

First, start by talking about what you want to achieve. You can divide up the artwork into different canvases and talk about what you want each of the pieces to convey. This way, everyone can have a part in the creation of the artwork. This also allows kids to take their work home.

Next, you can buy inexpensive supplies and have the family create their own art pieces. Some kids may be timid about participating, but by having a few inexpensive props, you can make them feel more comfortable.

A great family art activity is to make a rainbow collage. This can be done one-to-one or in a group. Then, make it into a framed work of art.

Another great activity is to use Play-Doh to create a texture. This activity is perfect for children of all ages, as it includes gross motor elements. You will need a sheet tray, a rolling pin, and paintbrushes.

Another great idea is to create an Easter Egg Roll & Paint. For this activity, you will need an old puzzle. You can find them at a thrift store. These puzzles should contain at least 25-30 large pieces.

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