Property Care & Transforming Historic Buildings

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Glasgow is a city built on culture. In recent years, the city has celebrated its foundations and has even started the “Historic Glasgow” campaign – which is a celebration of Glasgow’s rich local history and heritage. Do you have your sights set on a Glasgow building that requires property repair? Here is our 2017 historic buildings guide.

Historic Buildings

Did you know that Glasgow is one of the UK’s most important historic cities as it has a number of listed buildings that have been created by architects from across the world? Glasgow is a city which is extremely proud of its town centre as it is packed with exceptional buildings, many of which are listed and protected.

Across the city, you will find buildings that are a part of the city’s historical legacy. From museums and art galleries to libraries and archives, Glasgow is a hub of historic buildings, parks and gardens. The People Make Glasgow website describes the city as “vibrant and cosmopolitan place with a wealth of cultural heritage to explore.

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Caring For Historic Buildings

Refurbishing an old property can help give it a new lease of life. Quality refurbishment should only be carried out by a property care team who has experience working with historic buildings.

The process is long and you want to enlist a team of dedicated professionals (e.g. building surveyors, estimators and contracts managers) that will ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standard. It is commonly recognised that historic buildings are more difficult to make repairs, due to their sensitive structures. You may be quoted for a cheap repair; however, this will not guarantee a consistent professional finish.

Richardson and Starling have dealt with historic buildings in the past say that a “sympathetic and conservation approach is required with the remedial works kept to a minimum to resolve the problem”.
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Historic Building Survey

When considering repairs or renovation works on a historic building you need to check if the property is a listed building or has some alteration restrictions applied from the local authority. Don’t hesitate to take advice before you start work on a historic building as this could save expensive issues if you start without permission if this is required. Richardson & Starling would be pleased to discuss your project at an early stage to help you progress to your ultimate aim for your property.

Damp proofing Glasgow and historic building repairer Richardson and Starling say “that it’s very important to establish what the problem is and what making repairs will do to the structure”.
Before any work is completed on your building, the very first thing your property care advisor should do is carry out a thorough building survey. This is the safest option as it will tell the builders who are working on your building what sections of the building may be weaker than others. Property surveys also help to conserve the heritage of a building.”

Contact A Damp Proofing Glasgow Team For Property Care

When carrying our work on a historic building, to maintain its authentic look and structure you must work with a professional property care team who will be able to conserve and preserve the fabric of your building.

A property care advisor should always talk you through their work plan before the job goes ahead. They should also deliver minimum targeted remedial work that will come with a long-term guarantee.

Once the work is complete, your property care advisor should always leave it in a safe condition. The work which has been completed should be consistent, and should not deter from the original appearance of the building.