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The Importance of Graphic Design

Online Design

The world of art encapsulates many expressions and forms and surrounds us every day. From the works of film to the paintings that fill our art galleries. The theatres that perform on a nightly basis to the sketches of students in the classroom. Art is subjective and divides opinion around the globe. What one considers art another will scoff at and what one takes pleasure in another will pay no attention to. One of the more growing forms of art is one which takes place in an online platform. Graphic Design is the art of online visualisations, often used in advertising, magazines and books. Any fortune 500 company will have a team of graphic designers to present the image of their business, so defining the importance of the work cannot be denied. Have a look at a few ways as to why Graphic Design is an important expression of art and will continue to be for years to come.


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