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Art Selling Trends for 2023

Art selling can be a lucrative venture, yet not everyone finds success in it. Many art sellers may assume their success is dependent on external circumstances; however, to truly become successful as artists requires hard work and persistence. Sales in the art market tend to decline during global recessions; this year’s slump may not be …

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How To Start An Art Blog

Art blogs are the modern ways to discuss art. They are designed to comment on art and artist work. Some art blogs are even social networking sites, allowing visitors to share ideas and opinions. A few have taken the concept further by incorporating web 2.0 social networking features. These types of blogs may be particularly …

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Digital Graphic Design

For many of the smallest companies and artists, a degree in digital graphic design is a necessity for success. Students entering the workforce will generally be hired as graphics designers, printers, photo editors, book illustrators, and web designers. A degree in digital graphic design, however, is not required to work as an artist. In fact, …

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The Growth of Street Art

Over the past decades, the rise and popularity of Street Art has caught the attention of many. The word masterpiece was once associated with canvas pieces but those norms have been transformed thanks to the growth of street art. This revolutionary form of art has transcended pop culture and brightened up many an urban scene. …

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