The Best Interior Secrets

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When it comes to decorating your home, you need to get rid of the old and say hello to the new. However, choosing what you like and want in your home can be difficult. Not sure if you want to give your home a whole new revamp or if you only want to paint a few walls. Whatever you fancy doing to spruce up your home, here are some of the best interior secrets that will help you fill your home with the best designs.

Tackle One Room at A Time


One the best, not really a secret, that interiors like to spread is that you should only do one room of your home at a time. Do not rush to get your home finished, even though the temptation is there. The dream of having your whole home completed to match your interiors vision is exactly that… a dream.

If you power through your home, you are not going to finish it to a great standard. You will settle for furniture and colours you do not love! Do not do this to yourself. Making a house into a home is a long process that you need to be prepared for.

Pick one room to start with, the bigger the better! Getting your biggest or most used room out of the way will give you motivation to compete all the other room. Once you have finished one room, you can move on and start with the other rooms.

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Choose Your Colour Scheme


When thinking about changing up your room, you need to think of what colour scheme you would like to see in that room. This will give you a vision for what you want to see in the room. What coloured cushions you need to buy or what colour of paint you need to purchase.

You do not always have to have one colour scheme in one room, you could choose to have 2 or more. This is perfectly ok in interior designer’s minds as long as the colours tie in together. Keep your colour scheme natural to ensure that the colours you choose work together. There is nothing worse than having colours in your home that do not match together or flow.

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Shop Around


If you are giving your home a total revamp and are looking to add some furniture into your home, interior designers always suggest shopping around until you find a winning piece. when you are adding to your home, you want it to be new and fresh. You do not want the same old furniture that everyone has from Ikea.

Flea markets and antique shops or events are a perfect place to find a shabby chic piece of furniture that you could add to your home. You are bound to find something that matches perfectly into your home décor.

Furniture can also always be changed and amended to fit your requirements. From getting old chairs upholstered to painting over the marked wood on a table. There are endless things you can do to change furniture to your specific needs. So look about when you are thinking of revamping your home.